Some visiting this site may not be ready to fast, especially for the entirety of Lent.  Although this site strongly encourages fasting as a penitential act that can help us grow in the spiritual life, it is fine if one cannot for whatever reason.

Some visiting the site will also be younger than the 21 years of age recommended to fast under the 1917 Code.

For those younger, for those unable to fast and for those who want to go even further, a digital fast of some sort may be useful choice this Lent.

Fasting from the ever-increasing pervasiveness of digital communication and entertainment is more and more useful — some may even say necessary — to maintain balance and spiritual growth.

DIGITAL FAST OPTIONS (1-8, with 1 perceived as most difficult):

  • Tier 1: Forsaking a particular digital device or medium in its entirety, such as forgoing watching television, or using the Internet, or using a cell phone, for all of Lent 2017.
  • Tier 2: Using a digital device, such as a phone, TV, computer (you choose) only as long as one prays that day.  For example, if one prays for 30 minutes each day, s/he can use their device for non-essential purposes for 30 minutes that day.
  • Tier 3:  Using a digital device or medium only for essential communication and not for entertainment or non-essential purposes.  For example using your smartphone for phone calls about logistical matters with family or friends (i.e. arranging transportation to school, work, events, etc) and not for surfing the Internet.
  • Tier 4: Forgoing using a digital device or medium for only a few/one day(s) each week during Lent.
  • Tier 5: Forgoing using a digital device or medium one day during Lent.
  • Tier 6: Forgoing using a digital device or medium during a particular hour each day during Lent.
  • Tier 7: Forgoing watching or accessing a favorite show/website/application for Lent.
  • Tier 8: Accessing and engaging with a new, more faith-filled, Catholic show/website/application during Lent.

Choosing, or adapting, one of these tiered options might fit with those wanting to pursue a digital fast.