Lent 2018

DAY 27: Monday, March 12th (Fasting and Partial Abstinence)

1917 Fast Observance Today*: Fasting, maximum food intake is one meal, along with two small meal (that together don’t equate to another full meal).  No snacking in between and no alcohol consumption today.  No high-caloric “drinks” like milkshakes, smoothies, etc.

*Applicable to healthy adults between ages of 21-60 (some exemptions exist – see 1917 Fast: The Specifics)

1917 Abstinence Observance Today**: Partial abstinence, meaning that meat can be eaten only at the principal meal on these days

**Applicable to all age 7 and over.

Potential Prayer(s): The Liturgy of the Hours and the Sorrowful Mysteries Rosary

Potential Fast Intention: For all those professing and working to build the “New Evangelization” that they may be sustained and nourished in their work by the Triune God for the benefit of all!

Potential Give: Consider donating to EWTN, the TV network founded by Mother Angelica.  As she said “remember [EWTN] between your gas bill and the electric bill”

Fasting Inspiration of the Day:  Mary Mother Angelica of the Annunciation, commonly known as “Mother Angelica,” Abbess Emerita, who was foundress of Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) and Our Lady of the Angels Monastery.  Hard to believe that she passed away almost two years ago.remembering_mother_angelica_poster-rc9b8c5d0c3f3420892b7184b5979361e_wvt_8byvr_324Mother Angelica addresses Lent and mortification on her show Mother Angelica Live on February 15, 1994.  I’d invite anyone to take a moment today and watch a portion of the six-part episode that you can catch for free on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnafbQAYFy0

Comments of the Day: My grandmother would watch Mother Angelica.  One of the last gifts I can remember receiving from her was Mother Angelica’s book “Answers, Not Promises.”  She meant a lot to my grandmother and now she means a lot to my mother and I.  Mother Angelica Live classics are just that – classics, in that they are timeless in their appeal and truths.  Mother Angelica could bridge the secular and the religious in a pithy, humorous way and if you have some time to listen to her reflections on Lent and mortification, I am sure you will find something new and interesting in it.  God bless!

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