Lent 2018

Day 9: Thursday, February 22nd (Fasting and Partial Abstinence)

1917 Fast Observance Today*: Fasting, maximum food intake is one meal, along with two snacks (that together don’t equate to a meal).  No snacking in between that and no alcohol consumption today.

*Applicable to healthy adults between ages of 21-60 (some exemptions exist – see 1917 Fast: The Specifics)

1917 Abstinence Observance Today**: Partial abstinence, meaning that meat can be eaten only at the principal meal on these days

**Applicable to all age 7 and over.

Potential Prayer(s): The Sorrowful Mysteries

Potential Fast Intention(s): May the culture of life permeate any and all aspects of human development; from the martial act, to conception of a child, to participation in God’s gift of forming a child in utero, to delivery of a child, to formation and education of a child, and to ensure sainthood is the vocation of every child, we pray.

Potential Give(s): Consider supporting the Massachusetts Citizens for Life and/or the 40 Days for Life organization financially and/or voluntarily.

Fasting Inspiration for the Day:  Saint Francis de Sales, Doctor of Charity for the Church (1567-1622)


Saint Francis De Sales counseled lay people to fast beyond the minimum;If you are able to fast, you will do well to observe some days beyond what are ordered by the Church”.  He is the exemplar saint for this website.

In fact, Saint Francis de Sales’ wrote his famous work, Introduction to the Devout Life, specially for laypeople.  In it, he counseled charity over penance as a means of progressing in the spiritual life.  de Sales also said:

“besides the ordinary effect of fasting in raising the mind, subduing the flesh, confirming goodness, and obtaining a heavenly reward, it is also a great matter to be able to control greediness, and to keep the sensual appetites and the whole body subject to the law of the Spirit; and although we may be able to do but little, the enemy nevertheless stands more in awe of those whom he knows can fast.”

“…they who neglect the mortification of the taste will daily commit a thousand faults.”

Comments of the Day: Let us pray with St. Francis de Sales and channel his guidance to go above and beyond what the Church requires of us today, and in this Lent, to “do well” for our spirit and improve our relationship with God.

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